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Find Your Publisher recommends suitable publishing services for your book.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through decision-making alone.

You want to get your book published.

You’ve researched publishers and book publishing companies, and you’ve probably memorized the steps to publishing. Publishing your book on your own may have even crossed your mind.

Heading with a Subtitle

We provide you with an exclusive agreement – becomes the only vendor to provide your book to the book trade. We work as the official vendor on behalf of the publisher

After you provide some key details, you will get a publishing guide from a company that matches your needs. A publishing consultant will also get in touch with you to guide you through the whole process. Before you know it, you’re the proud author of a new book.



There is always.... and I mean, ALWAYS a 'Keep-It-Simple-Stupid' moment in publishing. With all the to-do's and don't-forget's: who can keep up? Our itemization keeps you on track. As a long-term goal getting published is the easy part. It what happens next; that is extremely critical for continued growth, marketing success and customer satisfaction. That's why were here; to help you 'keep it simple'.