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The Cognitive Institute of Dallas provides one on one services to transgenerationalinteractions across generations, such as between parents and children. The aim is to understand how these communications cause problems in the family. Transgenerational therapy is useful when issues and behavior patterns persist across generations. It might also help predict how problems might develop in the future..

Our goal is to provide stability and life-changing supportive family consulting and counseling to parents affected by lack of communication, hurtful pasts and ongoing trauma. Learn more about our work. We empower parents to transform their lives and achieve family communication.

Keep it simple

The Cognitive Institute follows a practical guide to work independently with families.

Truly Confidential

We are independent and work with you to resolve primary and secondary issues that hinder effective parenting.

Product Specification

  • developing healthy boundaries
  • improving communication
  • defining someone’s role within the family
  • improving family dynamics and relationships
  • providing strength and coping tools for family members
  • addressing dysfunctional interactions
  • improving the family’s problem-solving abilities

Happy Buyers

I was embarrassed about not talking to my kids. Made a lot of poor choices when I was younger. Wish I could do things different. Mr. Robertson kept my confidence and things are working. Thanks Doc!

— Klouie N.

My first virtual session was free and I was hooked. I believed things would be different. And they were. Thanks Megan and those who believed in my parentgin.

— Alferey G.


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