The Sexual Assault of Babygirl: Building From Broken Foundations

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ISBN: 978-0-9844185-9-6

Babygirl: Broken Foundations

The mattress shifted as some weight joined hers on the bed. Even with her eyes closed, she could tell that a deeper darkness had taken up the space above her. The air directly above her face changed and she could feel the warmth of another’s breath.

  • She tried to turn her head.
  • She tried to say, no.
  • She tried to stop him.
  • But she was powerless.
  • Powerless.

Product Specification

  • Imprint

    Generation Thrity Publishing House

  • Subject
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Parenting / Abuse / General/ Parent & Adult Child
  • Audience
  • Trade/General (Adult)
  • Regional Subject
  • North America
  • Theme Subject
  • Family & health
  • Self-help & Personal development

Happy Buyers

good read.

— Louie Knight

One of the more understandable books I've read.

— Joefrey Gwapo


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