Breaking Generational Curses When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children: Pedophilia Erotica: Perpetrator's Closeup

Pedophilia Erotica: Perpetrator's Closeup


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ISBN-13: 978-1734870831

Pedophilia Erotica: Perpetrator's Closeup

Pedophilia Erotica is a disorder characterized by recurrent sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children. There is a great deal of confusion, surprise, fad and talk about sex and exposure of children to sex; more recently; a trend of new predatory acts done toward children of ages 15 -18 years of age.

I believe this is due to the information of technology phase, child pornography and our global world. Children are categorized by sexual offenders in myriad of ways; however, sex trafficking and sexual indecencies of the particular ages of 15- 18 years of age has now turned its focus on cultural dating. Willful dating of this age bracket with intimate partners of adult ages. And I know that some of the ages of the adult can range from 26 to 51. It's just one technique, one more opportunity and effort to over expose our children.

[ABOUT THE PENTALOGY] The Department of Family Protective Services, Family Services, Health and Human Services and agencies responsible for removing children and quality of care for age and disabilities are breaking the hearts and mind of parents. In short; bureaucratic entities are alienating children into foster-care without high rates of successful returns. Alienating children into foster-care without high rates of successful returns. Families are all too often swarmed and defenseless against the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) or Child Protective Services (CPS). Depending on your State, judicial control, legislative systems and accusations things can go really wrong. One of the most defeatist attitudes is the parents' inability to comprehend what's going on.

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