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You can write the best content, publish your book with the utmost quality, and have the broadest book distribution possible, but investing in your publisher education is another critical piece to help you sell more books! You want success; you need a team. We're here to help.

Whether hardcover, paperback, or ebook—it’s your content, we just help you do more with it. Generation Thirty Publishing brings global ebook and print book distribution under one roof. Self-publishing with IngramSpark alone, connects your book to over 40,000 libraries and retailers in person and online, worldwide, including Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores, as well as major online retailers including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and more. Edit and review all of your print and ebook files, track sales, and place orders in one location. Duplicating effort is silly and your time is precious. Why not manage all of your books with one self-publishing platform?

ISBNs, Barcodes and More...

ISBNs are the global standard for identifying books. They simplify book distribution, inventory tracking, and purchase, and improve the chances that a book will be found and sold. An ISBN identifies one specific version of a book; each version of a book, print or digital, requires its own ISBN. Additionally, Barcodes on printed books make them easier to sell – and they are required by most of the largest book retailers and wholesalers. When you get your barcodes from Bowker, the only official US ISBN Agency, you can be sure they meet the latest book publishing industry requirements. Up and coming;Registering a copyright has never been quicker or simpler! CopyrightsNow makes it easy to register your copyright and get enforceable lifetime copyright protection! The app helps you protect your creative work from piracy and illegal use with just three easy steps, simplifying the copyright application process. .

Press Release and Authors Amazon Page

Designed to showcase you and your book. A book press release is an important promotional tool designed to showcase you and your book to print, broadcast, and online media, and attract as much media interest as possible. It uses newsworthy angles to show the media — including newspaper, magazine, television, radio, online, and blog contacts — why they should be interested in you and your book. You’ll just need to submit a short questionnaire to get started. After you complete and submit the questionnaire, we’ll deliver an AP- style Word document in the format media contacts expect. And to guide you along the way, we’ll also send you a tip sheet on how to use a press release effectively. You’re then free to use the press release in variety of ways to attract attention and generate interest. From your own website to any social media platform – there’s no limit to how the press release can help boost your exposure and spread the word about your book.

Use the sell sheets to present your title to bookstores, libraries, retail outlets, businesses, non-profits, schools, an organizations. Be sure to take them to speaking engagements and wherever and whenever you have the opportunity to publicize your book. It's a great 'leave-behind' that will act as a reminder to keep attention focused on your title..